Breakfast Menu

Due to covid19 all breakfast items which you would like to have need to be ordered. We also try to keep social distancing by asking breakfast times, so that we don't have too many guests at the same time in the breakfast room. Please try to come close to your breakfast time, which you provided at your arrival.

Continental Breakfast

  • Assortment of individual branded cereals.
  • Homemade jams and marmalades.
  • Homemade natural yoghurt pots, with homemade compotes (mixed red fruits or vanilla with pineapple) and/or muesli.
  • We have also available dried prunes, apricots and sliced almonds.
  • Individual fresh fruit platter to order separately.
  • Brown or white toast or a mixture of both.

Cooked Breakfast's

A choice of one of the following below per guest.

  • Full English breakfasr (bacon, sausage, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms and a choice of egg (fried, scrambled or poached).
  • Porridge with choice of topping (brown sugar, golden syrup or red fruit).
  • Chef's special of the day.
  • Anything of Full English breakfast (such as;beans on toast, poached/scrambled eggs on toast, bacon sandwich).
  • Smoked haddock fillet with poached egg, on a breakfast muffin with a Mornay sauce

All drinks served within the dining room.

  • Tea  (Regular, Decaf, Green, Earl Grey, Camomile, Mint), Or
  • Cafetiere Coffee (Regular or Decaf coffee or instant coffee)

Vegetarian/Vegan breakfast (Pre-Ordered day before)

  • Homemade vegetable hash brown, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and an egg (fried, scrambled or poached).
  • Baked potato with topping of your choice, baked beans, grilled tomatoes mushrooms and an egg.
  • On the day, you can order anything of full English or we can adjust our chef special to your preference.

Breakfast in your room

This service is not normally offered, however due to COVID 19 we would like to offer this service to our guests. This does mean that we can only offer a standard breakfast as below and if you would like breakfast in your room this needs to be ordered before 21.30hrs the day before.

You can have one full English breakfast per guest in your room, this is served with a fried egg. Please mention if you would like to have your egg cooked a different way.  The full English is served with one slice of toast and butter per guest and orange juice. 

Please send us email on the link below or drop a note on the bar before 21.30hrs the day before. Please inform us if you would like breakfast in your room and tell us what time you would like your breakfasts brought to your room (please mention your room number &name). We serve breakfast from 7.30hrs till 9.00hrs in the rooms.

"Food Allergies and Intolerances:Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to our staff if you want to know about our ingredients."

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